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Late and Mid-Year Enrollment at Kolbe Academy Online
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Students entering after a term has begun often need additional support to ensure success in Kolbe’s online program.  Please read through this information to help gauge if late enrollment might work for your family.

Students enrolling after live classes have begun in a term are considered late enrollees. Late enrollees are automatically registered into accountability for the remainder of the quarter. The family’s assigned advisor will work with individual families to determine whether late enrollment in a term is feasible for individual students. After the second week of live classes have commenced, late enrollments are considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Students enrolling in a course with the intention of beginning classes at the beginning of a term (i.e. beginning of second semester or quarter) are considered mid-year enrollees. The family’s assigned advisor will work with individual families to determine if mid-year enrollment is feasible for individual students.  Students enrolling may be required to take a placement exams or assessment tests before placement is approved. 


Discern Fit for Family

  1. Review the appropriate webinars
    1. K-5 Online Program
    2. 6-12 Online Program
  2. Review the Parent-Student Handbook
  3. Understand the admissions timeline. It takes about 2-3 weeks from start to finish including applying, placement, enrolling the student, choosing courses, and ordering books.
  4. Consider the following:
    1. Do you want an authentically Catholic, classical education for your child?
    2. Can you provide a learning environment in your home that is conducive to online learning?
    3. Do you have the technology and internet speed necessary for online learning?
    4. Is there an adult at home that is available to the student to help facilitate work and answer questions during the day?
  5. Make an appointment with an admissions counselor.


Late or Second Semester Admissions Overview

  1. Discern the fit for your family.  Make an appointment with an admissions counselor before filling out the Enrollment Application.

  2. Fill out Enrollment Application and Pay Deposit. Allow 2 business days for processing.  Ideally, an applicant looking to start online classes at the beginning of second semester should have the application complete no later than December 15th as our offices are minimally staffed over Christmas.

  3. Your family will be assigned an academic advisor.  You will call or set up an appointment with your advisor to discuss desired courses/program for the student.

  4. At this point, the parent must set up BlackBaud tuition for making tuition payments before selecting courses for the student.  If enrollment for the student is not approved by the advisor, the deposit paid will be refunded.  Testing fees are non-refundable.

  5. A link to schedule a live assessment (K-8) or to download placement tests (9-12) will be sent to the parent once the Enrollment Application has been processed by an admissions counselor.  Parents should schedule their student's assessment (K-8) or download and administer placement tests (9-12) as soon as possible.

  6. The advisor will contact the family with results of the assessment or placement tests and communicate the best placement for the student at Kolbe Academy. 

  7. An email will be sent that indicates it is time for the parent to complete course registration through the parent portal.

  8. If enrolling a full-time online student, you will receive a draft order for books needed.  If you are registering for only a few online courses, parents can order books directly from the bookstore as soon as course registration is approved.  

  9. For second-semester enrollment, the above steps must be completed no later than January 3rd to ensure a smooth start to second semester. 


After Enrollment and Course Registration is Complete

  1. Allow up to 4-5 days for books to ship. Teachers can provide scans of books for the first week of class.
  2. Students enrolling late in the term will have their login information and courses set up within 24-48 business hours of course registration approval.
  3. Students enrolling for second semester will receive access to online courses on January 4th.  Second semester live classes begin January 8th.
  4. The Dean of Students will schedule a series of 1-4 onboarding meetings with the parent and student. The onboarding meetings will cover Student Orientation, game plan for managing initial assignments, and possible subsequent check ins to evaluate students acclimation to the online environment. Students who need additional support beyond these initial meetings will be recommended for the accountability program.
  5. Teachers will send students a short welcome email to help open a line of communication.


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