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Discerning Student Readiness for Online Courses
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To be successful in the online learning environment, a certain type of approach toward learning is required from parents and students before enrolling at Kolbe Academy. The most successful students in Kolbe Academy’s online courses are those who exhibit the following skills.


PK-5 Students 

  • Follow basic directions and engage in live sessions lasting from 25-50 minutes. 
  • Have adult supervision at home. 
  • Successfully complete homework and daily work with parent supervision in alignment with regular due dates.
  • Excited to master new skills, becoming a successful online student. 
  • Technologically inclined: 
    • PK-2 students are not expected to be proficient in typing. 
    • 3-5 students should have basic familiarity with the keyboard and should work up to 30 words by the end of 5th grade. 
    • Students should have basic knowledge of web browsing, attaching documents, uploading and downloading documents, and using word processing software. Parents will need to assist their child with uploading documents if their student is unable to do so. 


6-12 Students 

  • Successfully complete assignments with little to no supervision from a teacher (this does not mean no instruction). 

  • Self-motivated to complete assignments. 

  • Exhibit good time management and study skills. 

  • Communicate respectfully and effectively with instructor and peers. 

  • Ability to advocate for themselves, asking for assistance from their instructor.

  • Excited to master new skills, becoming a successful online student. 

  • Technologically inclined:  

    • 6-12 students should be typing at minimum 25-30 words per minute; however, many students can pick up their speed to this minimum quickly after a few weeks of online courses. We advise students to practice touch typing skills prior to the start of online courses. 

    • Basic knowledge of web browsing, attaching documents, uploading and downloading documents, and using word processing software. 


Parents, Are You Ready for Online Learning? 

  • Review the Technical Requirements.  
  • Complete the Course Compatibility Quiz. 
  • Make sure you have enough computer access to serve all students taking online courses in your household. Sharing computers does not work for families who register their students in several online courses at once. 
  • Evaluate the number of in-class and out-of-class hours required for the online courses you will be enrolling your child in:

  • Evaluate the total number of classes and required hours you’ve scheduled for your child, whether they are online, homeschool, or other activities, such as co-ops. 

  • Evaluate your child’s level of motivation, study skills, and technology skills. If your child needs extra help in this area, plan to provide a venue to increase these skills, such as registering for summer bootcamp courses. 

  • Be prepared to help your child with good time management skills by helping to carve out time for study, meals, breaks, and extra-curricular activities. Make sure they are utilizing a paper or electronic planner for assignments. 

  • Evaluate your child’s ability to take responsibility for emailing the instructor when there are course related questions. Review appropriate ways to communicate with instructors and other students (read more on appropriate communication in the Help Article “Succeeding in Online Courses”.

  • Be prepared to monitor your child’s progress in Schoology and schedule regular check-ins with your student about instructor expectations. While instructors provide detailed instructions for assignments in Schoology, they will sometimes give more detailed information about specific assignments during live classes. Students should be paying attention to their teacher’s directions and practicing good note-taking skills. 

  • Consider how you will provide a quiet study space at home that is easily accessible to you, but that provides an appropriate space for the student with minimal distractions. 

  • Schedule an appointment to discuss enrolling your student at Kolbe Academy. 

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