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Technical Requirements for Online Courses
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Kolbe Academy provides access to Schoology, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft Office 365 for all students enrolled in online courses.


Assignments can be submitted to Schoology using Microsoft Office or Google documents (.pages files are not compatible). PowerPoint may be required for use in Adobe Connect for occasional presentation assignments by the student (.keynote files and Google Slides are not compatible).



Dedicated Computer

Students should use a dedicated computer to participate in online courses. While tablets and smartphones can be used with the Adobe Connect app, a desktop computer or laptop is necessary to optimize class participation and the overall experience. Your computer must meet the minimum operating system and hardware requirements for the Adobe Connect meeting application. See the section on finding your computer's specs to learn how to check the hardware on your PC or Mac.


Chromebooks do not have the Adobe Connect app, but students may still participate via the browser. However, running Adobe Connect via the browser does demand more hardware resources. If you choose to utilize a Chromebook, ensure that its processor and RAM are comparable to the HTML Client requirements that Adobe specifies for Windows and Mac.

Wired Headset with Microphone

A wired headset with both earphones and a microphone is required.


Note: The built-in microphone on a computer may not be used due to potential feedback problems. Furthermore, Bluetooth headsets are not permitted due to their inconsistent performance in our Adobe Connect classrooms.


A webcam is required. Both external and built-in webcams are permitted.


A scanner is required for uploads to Schoology. Smartphone scanner apps will also work.


A printer is required in order to complete homework assigned by instructors.


Network and Internet

High speed internet is required for the best online experience. Your internet upload speed should be at least 1 Mbps per concurrent class (if you have multiple students, be sure to multiply by the number of students that you have). Your latency (ping time) must be less than 100 milliseconds. See the section on checking your internet speed for testing instructions.


Please remember that internet speed is not fool-proof. Even homes with high speed internet can experience glitches or audio issues. To maximize internet bandwidth for the duration of the student’s live online class, other uses of the internet may need to be minimized. Students should close browsers and applications not necessary for class, and other members of the family may need to reduce their internet use during class (for example, streaming services). The effectiveness of these suggestions is, of course, highly dependent on the quality and speed of the internet. However, they can help to minimize bandwidth problems should your student encounter them.


Other Requirements

Microphone Checks

Students who do not have back-to-back classes are required to login to their online class 10 minutes before class begins for a microphone check. Once checked in, students should not log out of class, but they do not need to be active in the classroom until the actual class begins. Students who have back-to-back classes should login at least 5 minutes early if possible (there are 10 minutes between classes).

Tech Check Week

New students are required to complete an Audio Configuration Check the week before orientation. If audio issues occur, the student should reach out to Tech Support via the Live Chat tool on the website.


Finding Your Computer's Specs


Type "About" in the search bar and select About your PC to obtain processor and RAM information:





In this report, the processor is an Intel Core i7 and the memory (RAM) is 16 GB.


Click the Apple icon in upper left hand corner of screen then click "About This Mac":



You can see your specifications here:


In this report, the OS version is 11.3.1, the processor is an Intel Core i5, and memory (RAM) is 8 GB.


Checking Your Internet Speed

You may use this link to test your connection: If your computer is connecting via WiFi, run the test from the location in your house where your student will be seated during class.


In this report, the ping (or latency) is 14 ms, the download speed is 215.31 Mbps, and the upload speed is 41.84 Mbps.

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