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Instructional Support Services
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Instructional Support Services 

Kolbe has introduced expanded options to support students in their online, self-paced, and homeschool classes. From tutoring to accountability mentoring and the homeroom program, Kolbe values both academic support and formation of the whole person.  


Homeroom Program 

Morning Meeting K-2 

Morning Meeting is the first meeting of the week for elementary online students in grades kindergarten through second grade. In Morning Meeting, students study virtue and grade level appropriate social and academic skills. Teachers will guide students through various activities such as: Calendar, Student of the Week, Virtue Challenges, Study Skills, Read Alouds and other skills pertinent to forming them as whole persons. 


Homeroom Program Grades 3-12 

Homeroom is a dynamic and interactive environment that builds community and offers academic support to students in upper elementary, middle, and high school. Each Homeroom teacher varies live activities with the students to focus on student collaboration, mastering key study skills, digital citizenship, and on a variety of other topics—social, spiritual, and academic, all ordered toward student success in our online school and formation of the student as a whole.  


In 6-12, each homeroom class offers some study hall time so that the teacher can meet about quarterly with each individual student to discuss his or her personal academic goals at Kolbe Academy.   


Student Academic Support Labs 

Writing Labs 

Writing labs are workshop-style non-credit supplemental courses that offers students dedicated classroom time with a live instructor to talk about and practice writing and to better understand how well they are executing the concepts learned in English class with a focus on improving writing within other courses.  Writing labs may be taken in conjunction with or independently of an English course, though they are not a replacement for a full English course.  Lab tuition rates will apply.  Available beginning in grade 3 through high school. 


  • Uses a workshop model (“Bring your own paper”) to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses as writers, and hone their skills.
  • Students who enroll will be given the opportunity to have a paper that has previously been written and graded (or a segment of it), reviewed by the live instructor and critiqued in front of the class. Each week they are learning from these live critiques.
  • It allows students the chance to examine and analyze “A papers” to understand what great academic writing looks like.
  • It gives students access to discussion boards where they can pose writing-related questions to their peers as they come up throughout the year. The live instructor will monitor this board and chime in with answers or tips or may use student questions as a springboard for in-lab lessons.

Math Labs 

Math labs will offer students additional opportunities for problem working with a teacher, as well as a review of the week's lessons.  Students will get the most out of math lab if they are taking the corresponding online math course concurrently with math lab, but students may take math lab independently as well.  Math labs are not solely aimed at remediation, but students needing remediation in math should enroll in math lab.  Lab tuition rates will apply. Available beginning in grade 3 through Algebra 2. 


Individualized Support 

Accountability Mentoring 

Beginning in the 2023-24 School Year, a new accountability mentoring program will be available to any student who needs additional oversight or support to be successful within his or her online, self-paced, or homeschool courses.  Additional tuition fees apply.   


NHS Peer Tutoring 

Kolbe Academy’s National Honors Society provides a peer tutoring service to students in 5th grade or above.  Students may attend open group tutoring hours (usually offered 2-3 times/week) or may make individual appointments.  Peer tutoring is a free service to all enrolled students in grades 5th or above. 


Professional Tutoring 

Beginning in the 2023-24 School Year, families may purchase tutoring packages with a Kolbe Academy teacher.  Sessions run for about 50 minutes each and are available for grades K-12 in all subject areas.  Additional fees apply. 

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