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Kolbe Back-to-School 2024-25
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  • July 19th - Technology Orientation for New Students is Open, Account Information sent out to new students by this date.
  • August 1st - Asynchronous and Digital Homeschool courses available. PK-5 live online schedules available.
  • August 1st- Student and Parent Orientation Courses Opens.
  • August 16th - Live online courses available in Schoology.  Students should check out their teacher's Welcome Folders. K-5 teachers will post their first Week-at-a-Glance (WAAG).
  • August 19th - K-12 Online Live classes begin.  First week of Asynchronous course due dates.
  • September 3rd- Preschool Online Labs begin. 
  • November 4th - Mid Year Enrollment Opens (more info here...)
  • January 6th - Students that added courses for Second semester will see their online courses in Schoology on this date.
  • Review additional back-to-school webinar dates and times below.



Click to see the full school calendar for live online courses.



  • August 8th, 1:00 pm ET, Homeschool Course Session for parents
  • August 9th, 11:00 am ET, Live Online Course sessions with the Deans for students in Grades 6-12 (repeated on August 16th)
  • August 12th, 2:00 pm ET, Asynchronous Course session for parents and students
  • August 12th, 3:00 pm ET, Digital Homeschool Course sessions for parents and students
  • August 13th, 2:00 pm ET, Live Online course sessions for parents in Grades K-5
  • August 16th, 2:00 pm ET, Live Online Course sessions for students in Grades 6-12 (repeat of August 9th session)
  • August 23rd, 11:00 am ET, Welcome Back to School session for all families and students in grades K-12.
  • August 30th, 2:00 pm ET, Back-to-School sessions for PK-5 online parents.
  • August 30th, 2:00 pm ET, Q & A session for 6-12 live online parents.
  • September 12th, 2:00 pm ET, Meet your advisor for K-12 parents.

See below for details on how to attend these webinars!



For Microsoft 365, Schoology, and Adobe Connect

Microsoft logins will be sent out on or before August 1 to all new students enrolled in the 2024-25 live online, asynchronous, or digital homeschool courses.  Adobe Connect and Schoology will use the same username and chosen password as the Microsoft account. Returning students should plan to use last year's login information for Microsoft to access Kolbe email, Schoology, and Adobe Connect.

Please visit chat support on our website to speak with a tech support agent if you need assistance logging into your account.


All student course registrations and schedules for individual students can be found in the Kolbe portal.  Please note that K-5 live online course schedules, homeroom teachers, and color group assignments will not be firm until August 1st.  


All new students will be placed in a Technology Orientation course in Schoology.  Students will earn a Schoology Badge after completing Technology Orientation. Students in grades K-5 should complete this course with help from a parent.



Kolbe school orientation courses open in Schoology on Thursday, August 1!  


If you have not placed orders yet, please do so before August 1st in order for your books to arrive in time for school. Please allow 2-5 business days for processing bookstore orders. Shop Now!
If you experience any technical difficulties, please visit our chat support feature in bottom right hand corner of our website and select "Chat with us!" We are available from 8:15 AM - 5:45 PM Eastern, Monday through Thursday.

If we are not available, you may submit a tech support ticket by clicking, "Leave us a Message" or by emailing [email protected].




Back to Homeschool
This session is meant for parents who are homeschooling their children.  Come and meet the Advising Manager and ask questions! 

Thursday, August 8th at 1 PM Eastern


Asynchronous Course Orientation
This session is meant for parents and students.  A short presentation will be given with time for questions about asynchronous courses. 
Monday, August 12th at 2 PM Eastern


Digital Homeschool Course Orientation
This session is meant for parents and students.  A short presentation will be given with time for questions about digital homeschool courses. 
Monday, August 12th at 3 PM Eastern


Live Online Courses for Grades 6-12
This session is meant for students in grades 6-12.  Come and meet the Dean of students, ask questions, and play some games! Students will get the most benefit from this session if they have already completed the Student Orientation course in Schoology.  Choose one session to attend:
Friday, August 9th at 11 AM Eastern
Friday, August 16th at 2 PM Eastern


Live Online Courses for Grades K-5
This session is meant for parents and will be hosted by the K-5 Dean of Students.  She will give a short presentation and be there to answer your questions about live online courses for grades K-5.
Tuesday, August 13th at 2 PM Eastern


Welcome Back Session

Friday, August 23rd at 11 AM ET

Come hear about all the exciting things in store for the 24-25 School Year.  This session is geared towards families and anyone is invited, whether you are in grades K-12 or in live online, asynchronous, digital homeschool, or traditional homeschool courses!


Parent Back-to-School Sessions for Grades PK-5 Live Online Courses

Friday, August 30th (Times set by Instructors)

PK-5 Teachers will host back to school sessions with online parents to go over curriculum, schoolwork, expectations and goals for the year in their Adobe Classrooms. 


Parent Q & A Session for Grades 6-12 Live Online Courses
Friday, August 30th at 2 PM Eastern
Our Deans of Students for Grades 6-8 and 9-12 will offer a Question-and-Answer session for parents about Kolbe Academy’s 6-12 live online program.

Parent Partnership - Meet your Advisor
Thursday, September 12th at 2 PM Eastern
This session is aimed toward parents.  Come meet your family advisor! A zoom link will be emailed out to all enrolled families.
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