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Joining Kolbe Online at Mid-Year
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Thank you for your interest in joining Kolbe Academy! Students entering mid-year often need additional support to ensure success in Kolbe’s online program. Please read through this information to help gauge if mid-year enrollment might work for your family. Applications for mid-year enrollment opens on November 2nd.

Discern Fit for Family

  1. Review the appropriate webinars
    1. K-5 Online Program
    2. 6-12 Online Program
  2. Review the Parent-Student Handbook
  3. Understand the admissions timeline. It takes about 3 weeks from start to finish including applying, enrolling the student, choosing courses, and ordering books.
  4. Consider the following:
    1. Do you want an authentically Catholic, classical education for your child?
    2. Can you provide a learning environment in your home that is conducive to online learning?
    3. Do you have the technology and internet speed necessary for online learning?
    4. Is there an adult at home that is available to the student to help facilitate work and answer questions during the day.


Second Semester Online Tuition and Fees

Full-Time Online Second Semester Student Tuition

Second Semester Online Course Fees


Mid-Year Admissions Overview

  1. Apply First. Leave 2 business days for processing.

  2. Dean of Students will call to discuss desired courses/program for the student.

  3. Dean will provide the parent with relevant student assessment tests via email. Student should complete as soon as possible and parent submit via email to the Dean for review.

  4. Dean will contact family with assessment results and communicate whether the student can be admitted for mid-year enrollment.

  5. Link to complete student enrollment will be emailed to parent after dean approval. This should be completed as soon as possible.

  6. Parent must set up Smart Tuition account for payment as soon as student enrollment is complete.

  7. Once Smart Tuition is set up, Dean of Students will place students into desired courses and finalize enrollment.

  8. The above steps must be completed no later than January 4th to insure a smooth start to second semester.  Special approval by Dean required if steps completed later than Jan 4.

After Enrollment is Complete

  1. A personalized book order will be emailed to the parent. Order books and allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. Teachers can provide scans of books for the first week of class.
  2. After receiving login information, complete student orientation in Schoology before attending the first live class. Allot 3-4 hours for new student orientation course completion.
  3. Parents should watch recording of Parent Orientation.
  4. Access to online courses and welcome emails from teacher(s) will happen on January 5th . Welcome email will include first assignments and link to any course specific orientation materials. First assignments may include reading and/or review packets.
  5. Second semester live classes begin January 10th.

Review Mid-Year Enrollment Policy for the Online Program (from handbook)

Students enrolling in a course with the intention of beginning classes at the beginning of a term (i.e. beginning of second semester or quarter) are considered mid-year enrollees. Kolbe’s Dean of Students will work with individual families to determine if mid-year enrollment is feasible for individual students. Students enrolling may be required to take a placement exam before placement is approved. If the student’s mid-year enrollment is approved:

  • Logins will be created and given within 48 hours after the enrollment has been approved by the Dean. Access to the Student Orientation course will also be given at this time.
  • Access to all online course enrollments will be given the Wednesday prior to the start of the term. First assignments are posted on this day in anticipation of the first week of class.
  • The teacher will send a welcome email to the student on or before the Wednesday prior to the start of the term.
  • It is the parent's responsibility to order the student's books, help the student with logins, and oversee the student orientation course as soon as possible.
  • The student orientation course should be completed prior to the first live class meeting that the student attends.
  • All mid-year enrollees enter a trial period of enrollment that will last through the end of mid-term week. If the student is successful, the student will be allowed to continue in online classes. If the student is having great difficulty (failing grade, missed participation, or assignments) Kolbe administration will set up a meeting with the parent to discuss additional options.
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