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Full-Time Online Elementary Scheduling
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Elementary Schedule and K-5 Scheduling Notes 

The elementary online program will include a comprehensive study of Religion, Grammar, Phonics, Literature, Vocabulary, Penmanship, Math, Science, and History. All subjects in 3-5 will be delivered in a live format. In K-2 all subjects are live, except Geography and Science which are taught through videos and creative assignments. 

Art – Art will feature a monthly video focused on a famous artist from history. Students will be tasked with a monthly project to complete. It will match the artist’s style and will be geared towards the student’s grade level. 

Latin Latin is also offered as an optional live session for students in grades 4 and 5.


  • Students living in Eastern and Central time zones will be placed in Schedule 1. 
  • Students living in Pacific and Mountain time zones will be placed in Schedule 2. 
  • Students will attend only one math and English group according to assessment results. 
  • For K-2 students, please reserve both small group time blocks within your schedule so that your student can be placed in a group that best fits his or her skill set. Students may be in a different color group than the previous year in order to balance the classrooms.
  • Students get short breaks between subjects during the live time scheduled to keep those little attention spans!
  • Students in 4th or 5th grade can opt to enroll in Latin.
  • All subjects will be taught by the teacher either through live class, or video lectures and instructions. There will be a balance of formative and summative assignments throughout the week. 

Full-Time Online K-2 Schedules

Full-Time Online 3-5 Schedules

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