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Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit
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The Parental Choice Tax Credit program provides a refundable income tax credit of $5,000-$7,500 for eligible Oklahoma Taxpayers who pay, or expect to pay, qualified expenses such as tuition and fees to an eligible private school on behalf of an eligible student that attends or plans to attend an eligible private school during that tax year. As of December of 2023, Kolbe Academy is a registered school in the school directory. This program is administered in Oklahoma by Merit International, Inc. The steps to apply for the tax credit are as follows:


  1. Family fills out our Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Enrollment Intent Form for the '23-'24 spring semester and/or as intent to enroll for the '24-'25 school year for each of their students.
  2. Kolbe Academy uploads that information to the program.
  3. Family receives an official PDF from Merit International.
  4. Family applies for each student on the Parental Choice Tax Credit program page, selecting the button "Apply Now".
  5. Family receives digital account credentials from Merit International. (They have not yet determined the date on which this will occur)
  6. Merit distributes two checks per semester to Kolbe Academy made out to to the family for each eligible student during the relevant semester (Spring of '23-'24 or Fall and Spring of '24-'25).
  7. Family coordinates with Kolbe Academy to either sign the check over to the Kolbe Academy or collect the check from the school if tuition and fees have already been paid.*

*Arrangements to sign checks will likely require meeting with a Kolbe representative in the family's choice of either the Oklahoma City or Tulsa metro area, to be determined in coordination with Kolbe Academy.


For additional questions, please see the Parental Choice Tax Credit help center or contact [email protected]

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