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Arizona Education Funding
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  • Once you have been successfully awarded your Arizona ESA scholarship, please contact the Kolbe Registrar to discuss tuition arrangements.
  • Empowerment Scholarship Account:
  • AZ Statutes/Codes:
  • Official Program Handbook:
  • Eligibility Requirements:
  • Permissible use of funds (underlined items are services/items Kolbe offers):
    • Full List:
    • Tuition or fees at a qualified school
    • Textbooks required by a qualified school
    • Tutoring and teaching services provided by an individual or facility accredited by a state, regional or national accrediting organization
    • Tuition or fees online learning program (non-public)
    • Fees for nationally standardized norm referenced achievement test, an advanced placement exam, or any exams related to college or university admission
    • Tuition or fees at an eligible postsecondary institution (dual-enrollment courses)
    • Textbooks required by a postsecondary institution (for dual-enrollment courses)
    • Computer hardware and technological devices (primarily used for an educational purpose)
    • Curricula and Supplementary Materials (supplementary materials do not need to be documented by parent, unless they are not typical educational expenses. The parent then needs to document the educational reasoning for the expense by a.) proof of class registration (or home-education attestation) and b.) Formal curriculum where the item is listed on the materials list, within the curriculum.
    • Additional items for students with a disability: 
      • Assistive Technology
      • Educational/Psychological Evaluations
      • Educational Therapies and Services Paraprofessional
      • Life Skills/Vocational
      • Associated Good Items on Qualifying Documentation
  • Amount: 
    • 1st -12th: $6,000 - $9,000
    • KG: $4,000 - $5,000
    • Students with disabilities receive significantly more funding.
    • K-3 students and ESL students may also receive additional funding.
    • Arizona uses the Class Wallet Portal for the payment options.
    • ClassWallet options: Marketplace, Pay Vendor, Debit Cards, and Reimbursement.  Parents will be refunded for qualifying expenses as long as the expense was incurred after the ESA contract was signed by the parent.
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