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Getting Started with Adobe Connect
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Adobe Connect is heavily utilized by Kolbe Academy’s online students, as it is the platform used for the virtual classroom environment. This article will ensure that Adobe Connect is configured and ready for online classes.


Logging In

Students will login to Adobe Connect using their MyKolbe account (the same credentials used to login to Microsoft Office 365). The login URL is After entering your MyKolbe username, Adobe will redirect to Microsoft Office 365 for authentication.



Overview of Adobe Connect Central

Once logged in to Adobe Connect, you will be brought to Adobe Connect Central.


Note: If you don’t see your online classroom listed here, submit a tech support ticket or email [email protected].

  1. Recent rooms: This is where you will find the list of your online classrooms. You can open your virtual classroom by clicking on the box with the arrow, but generally we find that it is easier to use the link posted in Schoology.
  2. Profile: This section allows you to update your time zone. Instructions on how to update the time zone are provided below.
  3. Sign out: Click to sign out of your Adobe Connect account.


Updating the Time Zone

It is highly recommended that students set the correct time zone to avoid confusion about class start times.


To change the time zone, click the account icon in the top-right corner and then click Profile:



On the next page click the Edit My Preferences link:



Click the Time Zones dropdown and select your preferred time zone from the list. Finally, click Save to apply the changes.



Install the Adobe Connect App

IMPORTANT: Mac users should follow the instructions in the dedicated article Installing Adobe Connect on a Mac.

To get the most functionality from Adobe Connect, installing the application is strongly recommended. To install the application visit and select Download for Windows. ALL students should bookmark this page, as it will be used to install Adobe Connect updates.


If you are unable to install the application (because you are using a Chromebook, for example), you can still reach our Adobe Connect virtual classrooms via your internet browser.

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