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Accessing Adobe Connect Tech Check Room
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Kolbe Academy provides a tech check room where students can check their access and test their speakers, microphone and webcam to ensure everything is working properly.  We recommend that students log into this Tech Check Room before the first day of live class to ensure a smooth first day experience.


Tech Check Room Access:


Use the link above to access the Adobe Connect Tech Check room.  When you click on the link, the desktop application should open on your computer and you will be prompted to sign into the room.  Note: Chromebook users will not launch the desktop application and will access Adobe Connect in a browser.




Enter your kolbe email address for the username



On the next page, you will be able to test your speaker, microphone and webcam.



1 Speakers: Make sure the speaker is toggled on.  You can use the down arrow to select the speaker you would like to use.  Click the music note to test your speaker.  If you hear the music play, you know it is working.


2. Microphone: Use the down arrow to select the microphone you would like to use.  Click the wheel icon to test your microphone.  You will be prompted to make a recording and play it back to ensure your microphone is working properly.  


3. WebCam: Click the toggle next to the camera icon to turn on the camera.  Use the down arrow next to the camera selection to select which webcam you would like to use if you have more than one.  Once you have a webcam selected and turned on, you will see a preview of your video in the box below.

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