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Recordkeeping Services
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Kolbe Academy offers recordkeeping services for all enrolled students. All grades and attendance materials sent in by parents are maintained in a permanent, cumulative file at Kolbe Academy. The cumulative folder is established for all students upon registration and contains student academic records, including records requested and transferred from previous schools.  


Grades for academic online courses are finalized by the online instructor and become a part of the student’s permanent record at the end of every grading period (quarter or semester). Quarters are used in K-5; semesters are used in 6-12. If a student is auditing an online course, the audited course(s) must be reported by the by parent through the grade reporting process to be added to the student's permanent record.


Grades for courses completed in the Traditional Homeschool, Digital Homeschool, and Self-Paced formats must be reported through the grade reporting process to be added to the student’s permanent record. Grades for Self-Paced Plus courses may be reported through Schoology or the regular grade reporting process. If grades for homeschool, digital homeschool, self-paced, and self-paced plus courses are not reported, the grade cannot be validated for the purpose of issuing diplomas or providing an official grade record or transcript for the student. It is important to remember Kolbe Academy’s review of grade reporting documents is a service we provide and is not required.

Grades for Asynchronous Online courses are finalized by the asynchronous instructor and become a part of the student's permanent record upon completion of a given semester. If the student has opted out of teacher grading, the course grade must be reported by the parent through the grade reporting process to be added to the student's permanent records. 


For more information on reporting grades please see the Grade Reporting Folder in our Help Center or contact your assigned advisor.


K-8 Cumulative Grade Record

An official cumulative grade record is issued for Kindergarten through 8th-grade students when parents need records sent to another school or to keep as part of their family records. Please contact your advisor to request a digital copy of your student’s elementary cumulative grade record. There is no charge to request official cumulative grade records from your advisor. Cumulative grade records for elementary students may also be requested through Parchment and may be delivered by mail or electronically. Please access the link on our website under the “Current Families” tab to request an elementary cumulative grade record through Parchment.


High School Transcripts

Kolbe Academy offers transcript and recordkeeping services for all enrolled high school students. Credits and grade point averages are assigned to courses on high school transcripts. Kolbe transcripts list coursework done within and outside of the Kolbe Academy curriculum including academic and non-academic coursework and elective coursework. To receive credit on a transcript for a Homeschool, Digital Homeschool, Self-Paced/Plus, and audited online courses, a parent must report grades through the grade reporting process. Kolbe Academy also accepts a transcript of credit from another institution and official homeschool transcripts. Students enrolled in an Online course with Kolbe Academy will automatically have a Kolbe transcript generated for their Online course(s). 


Most requests for high school transcripts are processed through Transcripts may be delivered by mail or electronically. Please use the link on our website to access a Transcript Request Form. If you have any questions about Parchment, please see the Transcript and Record Request FAQ.


Note: Students applying through Common App do not need to make Parchment requests. Learn more about Common App here.


Verification of Enrollment

Letters of verification of enrollment are issued upon written request. Please contact your advisor to request letters of verification. There is no charge to request a Verification of Enrollment letter if you contact your advisor directly. Orders placed via Parchment do have a fee. 



Upon completion and review of your student's record, you may apply for a diploma by submitting a graduation application form. Please do not make a Parchment request for a diploma unless you would like to receive an additional copy. For high school graduates, please reference the Help Center article on the Graduation Application Process before submitting a Graduation Application.

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