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High School Graduation Application Process
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Once the student’s transcript is complete with all courses and credits listed and all graduation requirements met, the parent should carefully review the transcript and give final approval. Please note that a student must be enrolled full-time (flex, standard or online) in order to graduate from Kolbe Academy.  

Next, to officially graduate from Kolbe Academy with a high school diploma and transcript, please use the Graduation Application Form (formerly called the “Diploma Request”). This form is used to issue a diploma and finalize the student’s transcript by placing the graduation date on it.  

When colleges, employers, and other institutions ask for your student’s “Final Transcript”, they are referring to the official transcript that includes all credits earned in high school and a graduation date, which they use to verify that the student earned a high school diploma. As Kolbe students do not all complete their coursework on the same day, parents can select the graduation date, which should be a date after all coursework has been completed. Many families like to choose the Kolbe Commencement Ceremony date, but this is optional.  

Immediately after you have submitted your student’s Graduation Application and all other paperwork is in order, you can place a request for the final transcript to be sent to colleges and/or other institutions via Parchment. Please note that all final transcript requests needed for colleges and other organizations are processed through Parchment.  

 You can expect to receive your student's diploma, diploma cover, a tassel, and a complimentary copy of their final official transcript for your records approximately three weeks after their graduation application has been processed. These items will be sent to you by mail. Please do not make a diploma request via Parchment unless you would like an additional copy of your student’s diploma.  


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