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Cultivating Friendships and Enriching Social Activities for Homeschool Students
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Whether your child is taking online, Digital Homeschool, Asynchronous Online, or traditional homeschool courses, locating and creating opportunities for students to build friendships and socialize is an important goal. It allows students to interact with others outside of their family, chat about schoolwork with their peers, and, most importantly, relax. Below are some ideas to explore:


Opportunities at Kolbe Academy

  • Join one or more Kolbe clubs, which are offered at every grade level. These are great opportunities to spend time with other Kolbe students who have similar interests. Here are a few of the many clubs we offer each year: Lego Club, Spiritual Life, Culinary Club, Embroidery and Sewing Club, Newsletter, Yearbook, Photography, and more. To register your child for clubs, locate the Join a Club form under the student profile tab in your Kolbe Portal. This form is typically made available in the Kolbe Portal in mid-September of each school year.

  • Join a Facebook group for Kolbe parents. Our graduation year Facebook groups are monitored by parent ambassadors. These groups are a great way to help you connect with others who have children the same age as yours.
  • For Kolbe families who have access to Schoology, parents can utilize the Schoology Directory to contact other parents. This is useful if your child wants to connect with a classmate outside of live class. You, as the parent, can connect with the other students' parents to exchange your personal contact info. Please click here for instructions on how to use the Schoology Directory.
  • Kolbe also hosts talent shows, graduation ceremonies, retreats, and more! Announcements are sent out through email so please monitor your inbox for more information regarding them.


Opportunities in your Local Community


  • Contact your local church to inquire if they host youth group events, faith formation courses and service activities your children can participate in.
  • Complete a web search for homeschool groups in your area. HSLDA is a handy resource to locate local groups. These groups can offer enrichment classes, test prep, outings, and extracurricular activities such as martial arts, homeschool sports leagues, theatre/drama, etc. 
  • Join a public school's sports group. Some schools have more rules than others in terms of allowing homeschoolers to join. If you find a school that allows homeschool students to play sports, this is a great way for them to meet others.
  • Join community programs at a community center. These tend to have students in various age ranges, which is helpful for families with children of all ages. If the community center offers classes such as pottery throwing or painting for students in the evening, inquire if the instructor would be able to offer a class for homeschool students during the day. Invite others from your local homeschool community to attend to cultivate and grow your own homeschool community.
  • If your children like outdoor activities, look into whether your area has a local Trail Life and/or American Heritage troop.
  • If there aren't any local homeschool groups, or if there aren't any Catholic homeschool groups, create your own! If you know other families with similar aged children, you can start a park playdate to socialize. In time, you can look into local points of interests to make field trips to (art or science museums, planetariums, performing art center, state or national parks, news stations, etc.) or volunteer at (soup kitchens or Catholic Charities). Pick a corporal or spiritual work of mercy to focus on each time you meet and that can help guide activities.
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