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Using the Schoology Directory
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The Schoology directory allows parents to search for other parents and send private messages to one another.

Using the Directory to Send Messages

In the student’s Schoology account, have your child click on their classmate's name from the member's list on their course page.



The classmate's profile page will pop up, including the parent's name. You may have to scroll down if the student has added a lot of profile information. Have your student note the parent name.



From the parent account, search for the classmate's parent name using the search bar.  Click View More Results. Schoology is a little finnicky, so if nothing pops up, try searching by first name or last name separately as well.



From the list of possible matches, click on the email button to send that parent a private message.



Write the private message and click Send!



Privacy Settings

Make sure you can be found in the Schoology directory and receive private messages from other parents. Go to your settings and then click on Privacy Settings tab and ensure the Profile setting is set to Organization so that everyone at Kolbe Academy can find you. Also, ensure that your Messaging setting is set to Organization so that everyone can message you from within the Kolbe Academy organization.


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