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High School Diploma
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In the 2022-2023 academic year, Kolbe began to offer one high school diploma. To earn a diploma from Kolbe Academy, students must meet or exceed our minimum graduation requirements. These requirements surpass the minimum standards to graduate set forth by the state of California.  It's worth noting that although these requirements are sufficient for graduation from Kolbe Academy, they may not necessarily meet the admissions criteria of all colleges and universities. Students may opt to follow the Kolbe curriculum as closely as they desire, including seeking the Kolbe Honors (H) or Kolbe Core (K) designation in all coursework. Students must fulfill the course requirements by using either Kolbe courses or other high school or college-level courses. Please see our Help Center article on Non-Kolbe Curriculum Providers if you plan to use any non-Kolbe curriculum.
A student who would like to earn a diploma should make sure to fully enroll in Kolbe Academy and choose classes each year to complete either the Recommended Track or meet Kolbe's minimum graduation requirements. If a student is transferring into Kolbe Academy, more information is available on our Transfer Students article. Additional requirements for senior transfers and juniors completing high school in three years are outlined in the Parent and Student Handbook


Please see the following resources to help you plan your student's courses and track graduation progress:


High School Course of Study

High School Planning Folder


Course Selection Support


Recommended Track

Kolbe’s Recommended Track is based on Kolbe Academy’s vision of an authentically classical and Catholic education.  This track is tailored to meet the admission requirements of most 4-year universities, making it an ideal choice for students planning to pursue higher education. If your child is considering furthering their secondary education after high school, it might be beneficial to contact the admissions office of a college or university like the one they wish to attend. Alternatively, many higher education institutions provide information on their website about their admissions requirements, which can give your child a good idea of what courses they should take to become a competitive candidate for that type of school.  Even if your child doesn't ultimately end up attending that particular institution, they will have a general understanding of what courses are required to be a strong candidate for other similar schools.  


If your child knows what type of certificate or degree they would like to pursue, you can also ask for advice on the best ways to prepare for it. 
If the Recommended Track is not the right fit for your student, or more flexibility is needed, please review our minimum graduation requirements. It is possible to design a college preparatory course of study for your student without following all the specific recommendations of Kolbe’s Recommended Track. 


For more information on college planning, please visit our College Planning folder.


Retiring Standard, Magna, & Summa Diplomas

Returning high school students from the Class of 2025 or older may remain on their current diploma type (Standard, Magna, or Summa). All students will be switched to the new diploma unless they notify their advisor of their wish to remain on their current diploma type. The new awards are only available to students seeking the new diploma, and you will not be able to return to the old diploma types once you switch to the new diploma.



To view graduation progress in your PowerSchool Parent portal, click Graduation Progress under Navigation on the left side of your screen. This will bring up graduation progress. If your student is pursuing one of the old diploma types, you can navigate there by clicking the blue “View Additional Plans” button on the top right of your screen. Contact your advisor for more details and support if your student will be pursuing one of Kolbe's old diploma types. 


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