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Homeschool Plus FAQ
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See below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding Kolbe’s Homeschool Plus service.


Must my student(s) be enrolled in Kolbe Academy to sign up for the Homeschool Plus service?

Yes, your student must be enrolled Full-Time at Kolbe Academy.


How many submissions may I purchase?

You may purchase blocks of 10, 20 or 50 submissions per student. Additional blocks of samples may be purchased at any time during the school year, but we cannot refund unused submissions.


May I submit composition assignments?

Yes, you can submit compositions, even from outside the Kolbe curricula! Compositions may be up to 3 pages, double spaced, 12pt font. If a longer paper is submitted, it will be counted as two samples.


What are composition workshops?

Composition workshops are offered for Homeschool Plus students. These workshops give the student extra exposure to specialized interests in writing and offer extra practice in particular areas of writing the academic essay, such as: writing a thesis statement, logical progression, and using and integrating outside sources in the work. Students will have live evaluator and peer interaction during these workshops. Once your student is registered for Homeschool Plus, you will be notified of these workshops via email and as an update on the Homeschool Plus Schoology course.


What if I want my student to make corrections to his paper based on the evaluator's comments?

Great! Students should always be encouraged to correct mistakes—hopefully, that will keep them from repeating them.  If a student would like to have a paper re-evaluated, the re-evaluation counts an additional submission


Will the same evaluator grade all the work I send in?

Any essays that are submitted will be reviewed by the same evaluator as we recognize the need for consistency in evaluating the student’s progress. For non-humanity courses, such as Math, there will be a separate evaluator. Parents are free to ask for a different evaluator if they feel the need, and you may be reassigned should your evaluator leave us or have a job assignment change.


How and when can I send samples in for evaluation?

You may submit samples to your Homeschool Plus Schoology course between September 1 and June 30.  For the program to be the most beneficial, we recommend submitting work one sample at time weekly rather than waiting to send in several samples all at once.


How do I sign up or drop the Homeschool Plus service?

You can register your student in to the Homeschool Plus service via the course registration form. If you decide to add or drop the Homeschool Plus service after course registration is complete, please fill out a Course Change Request Form.


What does the Homeschool Plus service cost?

The cost for this service is on our Tuition page.

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