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Understanding Teacher Recommendations
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At Kolbe Academy, we strive to ensure that each student receives personalized guidance when selecting courses for the upcoming school year. In spring, as part of this process, all currently enrolled online students receive recommendations for course selections and student support programming for the upcoming academic year.  Teacher recommendations are based on a holistic assessment of a student's academic performance and readiness for the next level of learning. Teachers take the following into consideration when making recommendations.   


Course Recommendations 

  1. Overall Grades -  Teachers consider a student's overall performance in the current academic year. Strong grades indicate a solid understanding of the material and the ability to succeed in more advanced classes. 
  2. Class Participation -  Active participation in class discussions and classroom activities demonstrates a student's engagement and willingness to learn.  
  3. Test/Quiz Average - Assessment results, such as test scores and exam averages, provide insight into a student's comprehension of the subject matter. Consistently high test scores suggest mastery of key concepts, while low scores may indicate areas that require additional attention or review. 
  4. Mastery of Specific Topics - Certain courses build upon foundational knowledge from previous years. Teachers assess whether students have mastered essential topics and skills necessary for success in the next level of coursework. This includes both content knowledge and critical thinking abilities relevant to the subject area. 
  5. Workload Considerations – All Kolbe courses are designed to give students a rigorous, classical experience.  Honors and accelerated courses move at a faster pace with a higher level of rigor and an increased workload.  Foundations courses move at a slower pace with a reduced workload and overall lower level of rigor. 


Support Program Recommendations 

  1. Content Area Labs – Content area labs are designed to give students extra support and live time with a teacher.  A teacher may recommend these courses for a student when they feel the student would benefit from additional teacher support to scaffold live instruction and complete assignments. 


  1. Professional Tutoring – The tutoring program provides individualized support for students in a particular area.  A Teacher may recommend tutoring support for a student who has some gaps in knowledge or mastery that should be addressed to set up a student to be successful in the recommended online course. 


  1. Summer Courses – Summer courses offer students the ability for review and practice with content and skills to prepare them for the next years courses.  A teacher may recommend a summer course for a student who needs some extra practice with a specific skill or for students who would benefit from the continued practice over the summer months. 


  1. Accountability Mentoring – The Accountability Mentoring program provides students with support in time management, study skills calendar organization.  A teacher may recommend accountability for a student who would benefit from personalized support in making sure assignments are completed and submitted on time.  


Overall, teacher recommendations are intended to support students in making informed decisions about their academic pathways. While recommendations serve as valuable guidance, we also recognize and support that you as the parent and primary educator are the final authority on your student.  If you have questions about a particular teacher recommendation, please contact the teacher for more information.  You may also make an appointment with your advisor to discuss recommendations and how those might be considered in course selection for the next school year, considering the student’s academic objectives.   

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