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Reporting Self-Paced Plus Courses
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This article describes the two grade reporting options for reporting Self-Paced Plus courses. Self-Paced Plus courses will not be available beyond the 2023-24 school year.

Note: If your student is taking a regular Self-Paced course (not Plus), you will follow the same grade reporting process as you would in a traditional homeschool course. To report Self-Paced course grades, please see our grade reporting articles for more information. We suggest starting with reviewing the "Grade Report Submission Overview" and the "Grade Reporting Guide" for your student's grade level to get started! 

Self-Paced Plus Reporting Options

There are two options to report a Self-Paced Plus course grade. Your first step is to locate the SP+ Course Intent Form found in Student Orientation in the Welcome Folder of every SP+ course (see image below). Here, you will indicate to the teacher which grade reporting option you prefer.


Note: "The primary educator will need to be logged into the student's Schoology account to complete these assignments."


Step 1: Go to Welcome Folder


Step 2: Go to Student Orientation


Step 3: Indicate Preferred Grade Reporting Option


Once the SP+ Course Intent Form in Student Orientation is located, the primary educator should indicate to the teacher which grade reporting option they prefer:


  • OPTION ONE -  The teacher submits the semester grades after the student has completed and submitted the required semester work

When selecting the first option, the primary educator does not need to submit the course in the student's grade portfolio. Instead, the student should complete and submit all assignments on the SP+ Required Assignment List, found in the Welcome Folder of every SP+ course. Typically, these assignments include major essays, unit or chapter tests, and semester exams. 



  • OPTION TWO - The parent submits work samples and semester grades to Kolbe Academy as a homeschool course.

When selecting the second option, the primary educator will need to include the course in the grade portfolio if they desire the course to be reflected on the student's grade report. This includes submitting work samples and the semester grades on the grade submission form. For more information on grade reporting, see here

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