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Concurrent Enrollment with Franciscan Advantage
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Concurrent Enrollment
Kolbe Academy and Franciscan Advantage

Get a head start on college with Franciscan Advantage! 

High school students now have the opportunity to earn college credits through Franciscan University—and at an extremely affordable rate. Juniors and seniors can earn up to 29 college credits while still in high school. These credits can be counted toward the completion of an undergraduate degree at Franciscan and may also be transferable to other colleges and universities. Students also have access to Franciscan Life Online to help foster a vibrant sense of community amongst learners. 


Eligibility requirements for student participation in Franciscan High School Advantage: 

  • Minimum age of 16
  • Must be enrolled at Kolbe Academy as an 11th or 12th grader 
  • Possess a cumulative 2.4 GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale) 
  • Students must register for or have already completed the corresponding online Kolbe course. The student must also register for the FUS course directly with Franciscan University.

Kolbe Partnership

Several high schools—including Kolbe Academy—have partnered with Franciscan University. Students earn college credit by taking courses at Kolbe that are aligned with Franciscan University’s curriculum and successfully completing college-level examinations. These courses are taught in the student’s own classrooms by their Kolbe teachers so that students earn both high school and college credit.


FUS Courses Offered and Corresponding Kolbe Courses

Franciscan Course Kolbe Academy Course Franciscan Prerequisites
Foundations of Catholicism
THE 101
Kolbe's Online Theology 11
Apologetics/Church History 2
Christian Moral Principles
THE 115
Kolbe's Online Theology 12
Morality/Church History 3
Epic and the Human Person
ENG 210
Kolbe's Online Literature 11
Literature of Christendom
Kolbe's Literature 9:
Ancient Greek Literature
Kolbe's Literature 10:
Ancient Roman Literature
(or equivalent)
Introductory Studies in Latin II
LAT 104
Kolbe's Online Honors Latin 3 normal Kolbe prerequisites
Analytic Geometry & Calc I
MTH 161
Kolbe's Online Honors Calculus
Kolbe's Online AP Calculus AB
normal Kolbe prerequisites

Chemistry with Biological and Medical Applications with Lab

CHM 110 & 115

Kolbe's Online Honors Chemistry with Extended Lab normal Kolbe prerequisites

General Physics I

PHY 111

Kolbe's Online Physics
Kolbe's Online Honors Physics with Extended Lab
normal Kolbe prerequisites



Course Assessment and Grades

  • Students will complete the regular Kolbe online course requirements as laid out by Kolbe's curriculum and implemented by the teacher. 
  • Students will be provided a study guide to prepare for a mid-term and final exam which is administered by FUS on their own learning platform.  
  • The mid-term is worth 35-40% of the FUS grade and is administered between Jan 8-12th, 2024. Please see mid-term exam details below.
  • The final exam is worth 60-65% of the FUS grade and is administered in mid to late May.
  • Please keep in mind that a college transcript of courses is being formed for the student, so pay attention to the drop and withdraw dates outlined below in case you determine the course is not working for the student.  
  • A final Kolbe grade will be recorded on a Kolbe transcript by the teacher independent of the performance of the student in the FUS course.

Mid-term Exam Information

  • Exams will be held during the week of January 8th - January 12th, 2024.
  • Exam preparation:
    • Log in
    • Watch vidoes
    • Compete Study Guide
    • Review inportant Vocabulary

Note: Exam preparation should be done prior to the exam.  The Franciscan professors have created these resources to help guide students towards the exams. Please pay close attention to them. They are extremely helpful. 

  • All exams are timed at 1.5 hours and need to be taken in one sitting.
  • Exams will require a computer or laptop (PC, MAC, tablet, or Chromebook are all good) as well as access to a cell phone or office phone for 2FA (2 factor authentication). 
  • Accommodations may be made to those students requiring. 
  • The exams will be graded no later than Friday January 19th. Students will view their grades on Canvas. Exams will not be returned.

Franciscan Support Information

Log In Issues IT Department
Canvas or Exam Issues E-Learning
Other Concerns Thomas J. Costello
[email protected]

Enrollment Deadlines

  • Students must be enrolled in the corresponding Kolbe course to qualify.
  • Students must let Kolbe know of intent to enroll in FUS concurrent course by September 30.
  • FUS enrollment must be complete by September 30.

See how to do all of this in the 'Ready to sign up?' section below.


FUS Withdraw Deadlines

Franciscan Course Withdraw and Drop Dates

  • Final date to drop is January 22nd, 2025.  Receive a 100% tuition refund from FUS and no record of the course on the transcript.
  • Withdraw between January 22nd through March 28, 2025, and receive a 50% refund.  Student receives a "W" on the transcript (which does not calculate into the GPA).
  • Withdraw after March 28 with no tuition refund.  The student receives an "F" on the transcript (which does calculate into the college GPA).
  • To withdraw from the course with Franciscan, please contact Thomas J. Costello at [email protected].

Note: Please see Kolbe's terms and conditions for the policies regarding dropping Kolbe's course.  


Ready to sign up?

👉 Current 11th or 12th Grade Kolbe student?



  •  Fill out this course change form, select "Add Online" course

    • Select "Add Online Course"

    • Then select "Add Franciscan Concurrent Enrollment Course"

    • If the student is not already enrolled in Kolbe's corresponding course, be sure to also select "Add Online Course" to add the appropriate course for the student.


  • Go to: Franciscan Advantage Enrollment

    • Under the High School Partnerships Section, click the "Apply Now" button.

    • Be sure to select "Kolbe Academy" in the drop down list for high school.

👉 New 11th or 12th grade Kolbe student?



More Questions? 

Check out this FAQ page on Franciscan's site!

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