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Kolbe Portal Student Profile Navigation
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Accessing the Student Profile on the Kolbe Portal

Step 1: Navigate to the Kolbe Portal:
Step 2: Sign in with your user credentials
Step 3: Select the option to "View [Student]'s Profile"

Each of the tabs in the profile will list your student's name, grade level, and enrollment status




The first page that loads is your student's registration page. This page includes the following:

  1. Course Registrations
    • All courses your student is enrolled in
    • Courses are color-coded by type of course (Homeschool, Digital Homeschool, Asynchronous Online, Online or Custom)
    • Online courses will list the teacher's name, the schedule information, and a button to email the teacher
    • Homeschool, Digital Homeschool, Asynchronous Online courses will list the expiration date, 1 year from your student's start date, and a link to the course plans page where you can access the course plan (see below)
  2. Add-on Services
    • Any add-on services your student is enrolled in, such as Accountability, or Tutoring
  3. Instructional Accommodations
  4. Course Change Form link
    • If you need to make changes to your student's courses, this will give you access to the Course Change Form for your student




The Calendar tab is the second option in your student profile. Any courses that your student is enrolled in that have scheduled times for meetings will be listed on the calendar. These should be listed in your local time zone.



Course Plans

Course Plans is the third tab in your student profile. This page includes the following:

  1. Course Plans
    • Selecting show documents next to any course will display all available documents for that course
    • This will include the course plans, and may include answer keys, solutions manuals, worksheets, or other reading materials
    • Materials can be temporarily accessed using the view option, or downloaded to your computer using the download option
    • We strongly recommend downloading your materials to a consistent location to ensure long-term access




Student Information

The final tab is the Student Profile. This page includes the following

  1. Your student's basic demographic information, including name, preferred name, date of birth, and username (note: this student is not a real student)
  2. Your student's current grade level and enrollment program
  3. A link to order your student's school ID card
  4. A link to email the admissions department to correct any information that may be inaccurate


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