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Visual and Performing Arts Credit
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As a result of keeping with Kolbe Academy’s philosophy that the ultimate goal of education is that of forming the whole person–mind, body and soul–Fine Arts credit is required for to earn a Kolbe diploma. Visual and Performing arts credit can be achieved through many different arenas. In general, when choosing the type of course for this credit, families should consider whether the course will “provide the student with a meaningful experience and breadth of knowledge of the arts. . .” Enabling the student to “apply their knowledge and experience to the creation of art…” so that they “are better able to understand and appreciate artistic expression.” (UC counselor’s guide)


Examples of acceptable courses include music (i.e. choir, instrument lessons, music appreciation), art (i.e. drawing, painting, art appreciation, photography), and the performing arts (i.e. theatre productions, acting lessons, dance).


Examples of unacceptable courses include craft courses, mechanical drafting, web page development, and yearbook.


Note: High school non-academic courses receive a Pass/Fail grade and are not calculated into the student’s GPA. They receive 1 credit per year, or .5 credits per semester on the high school transcript. Students should spend approximately 4 hours a week total (or 60 hours per semester) on each non-academic subject, including Fine Arts.

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