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Schoology Self-Paced Course Self-Graded Quizzes
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Self-Paced courses (with the exception of “Beta” courses) include self-graded quizzes for each week or chapter of a course. These quizzes are self-graded, meaning that the Schoology platform automatically grades answers without needing parent review (though your parent may wish to review and alter the grade as they see fit).


The self-graded quiz is represented by the icon below:



Quiz Overview

Once you’ve located and opened a quiz (in the same way you locate an assignment, but instead look for the blue quiz icon), you will be brought to a page with a Start New Attempt button, which will allow you to begin the quiz.



Quizzes will have the following settings:


  • One quiz attempt
  • Question formats:  The quiz will consist of one or more different types of questions, such as multiple choice, matching, true or false, fill-in-the-blank dropdown, etc.
  • The ability to review your questions before submitting your answers:  You will be allowed to review all of your answers on a review page before submitting your quiz, as outlined in the section below.
  • The ability to see your answers after submitting your answers, along with the correct answers:  You will be allowed to see your answers, along with the correct answers (showing you which questions you answered incorrectly), after you submit your quiz. This is outlined in the section below.
  • No Allotted time for quiz completion


Self-Graded Quiz Question Types

The self-graded quiz format contains 5 different question formats that you may encounter.  An example of each is shown in the drop-down list below.  Click the name of the question type to view additional information, including screenshots.


Note: Some of the answers in the examples below are deliberately incorrect!


Reviewing Questions before Submitting Answers

You will see a Review button once you’ve answered the questions.



The next page will bring up the quiz’s questions with the answers that you selected.




Once you’ve reviewed and made any edits to your answers, you can submit them for grading. Schoology will ask you to confirm the submission.



Reviewing Answers after Submitting a Quiz

You will be able to review your answers and the correct answers, showing you which questions you answered incorrectly (if any), after you’ve submitted a quiz.


To view your quiz/assessment submission, open the quiz, then click the View link to the right side of the page.




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