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Schoology Clubs & Groups
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If you are an online student, you may be placed in a class-level Schoology Group where you can get to know other classmates in your grade.  Groups may also be utilized for extra-curricular activities such as our Spiritual Life or Newsletter clubs.


Schoology Group Rules

Please note the rules that should be followed when contributing to a group discussion:

  • In the Schoology Student groups, you should be aware of having strong netiquette skills. 
  • If you wouldn’t say it in real life, don’t type it online.
  • Remember that your comments are marked in print forever.  If you don’t want a parent or teacher to read the comment later, don’t type it.
  • No exchanging of personal information: emails, addresses, minecraft server info (or similar)
  • No theological or political discussions.  Please leave those for Theology or History classes.
  • No discussions of movies, musics, or video games with a rating of PG-13 or above (T+ for video games).
  • Be respectful towards the moderator and other students
  • Use appropriate language
  • THINK before you type:  Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it NECESSARY, and is it Kind?  
  • Students on Academic Probation will be removed.
  • Students who do not respect these rules will have their discussion privileges revoked.   


Schoology Group Overview

To locate your group, click the “Groups” icon located on Schoology’s main menu ribbon.

From here, you can select your group of interest from the drop-down list, or you can click to My Groups to view all of your groups on a new page (note that you may not be added to any groups, so if you don’t see anything here, don’t worry!):


Groups look similar to courses, but may contain different content, depending on how the teacher or administrator has it set up. You’ll see areas like the Updates page:



And, if you’re in a class-level group, you’ll find a Discussions page, where you can discuss different topics with your peers:


You can also set up notifications for groups by clicking the Notifications button found to the top-right of the group. Check the boxes of the notifications you’d like to receive, then click Save Changes:


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