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Submitting a Homeschool Junior High Grade Report Packet
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This article walks through submitting a homeschool grade report packet for a junior high student (grades 6 – 8).

Grade report packets should be completed at the end of every semester for homeschool students in grades 6 – 8.


Completing the Grade Report Checklist

Record the student and parent names, your address, the student’s grade level, the school year, phone number, and email address. Be sure to check the corresponding semester.



Indicate how you want the report card/grade report sent to you – either by checking the box for email or US mail.



Check the box that indicates that you are submitting the white copy of your student’s report card, and that you have signed the report card.  

If filing a semester 2 report, check the box that indicates that the attendance record is included.



When you get to the checklist, check the box next to each subject for which you are including samples.


Note:  Do NOT include course grades on this form



Completing the Junior High Report Card

Front Page

Record the student’s name and grade level.




On the left side, you may choose to list awards, performances, or achievements by your student.



Back Page

Record the student’s name and grade level.



You may evaluate your student’s class work and personal deportment; however, it is not required.



The next section is where you will record your student’s grades for the corresponding semester(s).



Below this, you will sign and date the report card.




Completing the Attendance Record

Record the student’s name and the academic year.



If you are keeping daily attendance records you may check the box each day that corresponds to month and date.



There is a column on the right for recording the number of days in attendance each month, and at the bottom for recording the total days in attendance for the year.



Sign and date the attendance record.



Submitting a Junior High Homeschool Grade Packet

Once you’ve completed the grade checklist, report card, and attendance record, you must submit your packet to Kolbe for reporting.  You can submit grade report packets by emailing them to [email protected], or you can mail them in to our office:


Kolbe Academy
1600 F St.
Napa, CA 94559

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