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MyKolbe Account Access
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MyKolbe accounts are required for online and self-paced students, as they allow online students to email their teachers and self-paced students to view videos in their Schoology Self-Paced courses. The accounts are optional for homeschool students, but may be beneficial, as all students with accounts have access to downloading Microsoft Office on up to 5 separate devices during their tenure with Kolbe Academy.


For online students, your MyKolbe account may also be used to authenticate to various online tools, such as Adobe Connect.


Logging in to MyKolbe

Students may login at  When visiting, you will be taken directly to your MyKolbe dashboard if you are already actively logged in. Otherwise, you will be taken to a Microsoft sign-in page. If you are directed here, enter your email address and password.


Note: If this is your first time logging in, there will be additional steps. See the section in this article on account setup for details.


Receiving Your MyKolbe Account

If you are an online student, your parent will receive an email with login information prior to the start of student orientation.


If you are a self-paced student, your parent will receive an email with login information on or before the “approximate school start date” listed on your enrollment form.


If you are a homeschool student and your parent requested access to a MyKolbe account when they filled out your enrollment form, your parent will receive an email with login information by the “approximate school start date” listed on the your enrollment form. Homeschool students are not required to utilize MyKolbe accounts. However, MyKolbe accounts may be requested for a student by the parent at the time of enrollment or anytime after.


Initial Account Setup

Begin by entering the email address and password in your MyKolbe account email.



The first time you login, you will be asked to set a new password, as the password you receive from Kolbe Academy is temporary.


In the Current password field, enter the one listed in your account email. Next, pick a strong password that you can remember and enter it into the New password field. Finally, re-enter your chosen password in the Confirm password field.



Next you will see a screen requesting more information. Click Next to proceed. On this step, you will setup your account recovery options. They will be used to confirm your identity if you need to reset your password.


We strongly recommend setting up both a recovery phone and a recovery email address. Students, please consult your parent or primary educator when determining what phone number and email should be used for your MyKolbe account recovery.



Requesting a Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password, simply click the Forgot my password link on the sign-in page. You will be able to use a recovery option to verify your identity, and then you will choose a new password.


If you still need assistance, you may contact us in LiveChat, submit a tech support ticket, or email [email protected].

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