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Accessing Your Savvas Realize™ Resources
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This article shows parents and primary educators how to access Savvas Realize™ online resources, such as Biology and Chemistry e-Texts and assignments.


Accessing the Savvas Realize™ Website

To access the online resources for your student’s Savvas book, you will first need to log in to the Savvas Realize™ website.  To do this, you will need to go and click the Sign In button.



On the next screen, enter your credentials.


  • Homeschool and Self-Paced students: enter the username and password received by e-mail from Kolbe after purchasing online access in the bookstore
  • Online students: your instructor will provide you information on creating an account



You should be prompted to set up your account preferences, as shown below.



Accessing the Correct Textbook

After you successfully log in, you should see a home page as shown below. You are able to customize this page, if you would like. To do this, select Account then Settings. Underneath Browse, you should see your textbook. Click on it to select it.



Accessing the Resources Associated with Savvas Realize™

Once you select the textbook your student is using, you will be able to see the chapters in the book. From here, you can click on the chapter for which you need to access resource materials.



In the chapter page, it will show you the respective sections. You can click on section videos, activities, investigations, and experiments.




Accessing the E-Text and Class Assignments

To access the electronic textbook, you should click on Chapter __ Online Student Edition. This will have you click on the arrow to open the book in a new window.



Then you will see the e-Text screen as shown below. From here, you will have the ability to flip through the entire book.



To access the entire e-Text and assignments, if applicable, click on Classes.



Accessing Your Savvas Realize™ Grades

If you are an online student and your instructor uses Savvas Realize™ to give assignments, the grades for the respective assignments will be shown in the Grades tab. All final grades will be given in PowerSchool.



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