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Extracurricular Activity Sheet
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We encourage families to keep an activity sheet and/or resume throughout high school. These records are excellent resources for job, internship, and college applications in the future. Employers, recruiters, internships, apprenticeships, colleges, and scholarship organizations will be interested in learning about your high schooler's extracurricular activities to understand a student's interests and passions beyond the classroom. 


For college applications, in particular, extracurricular activities should not be listed on a student's transcript. Instead, you want a rich overall application package where all the pieces work together to create a dynamic picture of your student's high school career. The student can use his resume and/or activity sheet to aid in completing application questions related to awards, activities, and interests.


The extracurricular activity sheet template attached at the bottom of this article can help you record your high schooler's activities throughout high school. Sheets are included for the four years of high school in the fillable PDF. You may use this extracurricular activity sheet, or another similar sheet, to track extracurricular activities.


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