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High School Credit in 8th Grade
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Kolbe Academy allows students to earn high school credit for high-school-level Math, Science, and Foreign Language courses taken in 8th grade according to our policy outlined in the Parent and Student Handbook. Students may not earn high school credit before reaching the 8th grade. If a student is planning to take a typical course load for all four years of high school, it is usually not necessary to include high school-level courses from 8th grade on the high school transcript. Should you have questions regarding whether it will be beneficial for your student to receive high school credit for coursework completed in 8th grade, your advisor will be happy to answer your questions and offer you guidance. 

To earn high school credit in the 8th grade with Kolbe Academy, these parameters must be adhered to:


  • the course must be in the subject areas of math, science, and foreign language
  • the course must be a Kolbe high school course with a K (Kolbe Core) or H (Honors) designation
  • the course(s) must be reported through the grade reporting process on a completed 9-12th Grade Submission Form with the course(s) designation noted and the required K or H samples submitted
  • the high school course and grade will appear on the student’s transcript
  • the grade(s) earned in the course(s) will not be factored into the transcript's overall high school GPA

If your student is taking a high school level course outside of the subject areas of math, science, and foreign language in the 8th grade, contact your advisor.


If your student is using a non-Kolbe curriculum in 8th grade for high school credit, these courses may be transferred to Kolbe on an official transcript from the school or homeschool where the courses were taken. Kolbe Academy will only transfer high school credits in math, science, or foreign language from a homeschool transcript.

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