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Schoology Parent View
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Keeping track of school-wide updates, participating in group discussions, and accessing teacher materials for self-paced courses are just some of the things that can be done from the parent view of the Schoology parent account.


Switching to the Parent View

When you log in to your Schoology Parent account, it will default to the student view, which is discussed in the Schoology Student View article.  To toggle from the student view to the parent view, click the drop-down arrow found to the top-right of the Schoology page, then click your name to switch views.



Parent View Landing Page

The parent view landing page shows the Recent Activity feed in the center of the page, a list of upcoming events to the right, and Calendar and People buttons to the left.



Parent Calendar

The calendar in the parent view allows you to see upcoming school-wide updates and events, group, and personal events.  You are able to import data from an external calendar (Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar) into Schoology using the Import button to the bottom of the page.  If you do not see the Import and Export buttons below the calendar, you are probably looking at the calendar in the Student View, and you must switch to the Parent View You may also export calendars from Schoology.



Note: Once an external calendar is imported, changes made to the external calendar will NOT automatically update in the Schoology calendar.


You can add an event to their personal calendar by hovering over the date of interest, then selecting the small “+” icon that appears.



Notice that only singular calendar events can be created – if an event repeats regularly (i.e. once per week), an event will need to be created for each instance. (Calendar imports work best for repeated events.)



Calendar views can be toggled by clicking the Calendars drop-down menu. The calendar may also be viewed in a monthly, weekly, or daily format.



Parent Group

If you have students in online courses, you will have access to the Online Parents group. This group can be found by clicking Groups on the main menu ribbon when in the parent view of the Schoology parent account.



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