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Catholic College Search Resources
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College is often the time where students make the faith their own or sadly fall away. If you are looking for a college that will foster your Catholic faith, here are some resources that may be useful.


The Newman Guide


Probably the best-known resource for finding authentically Catholic colleges and universities is The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College. This resource lists top colleges that are faithful to the Magisterium and will provide daily Mass attendance statistics and more (


National Catholic College Admission Association


The National Catholic College Admission Association is a nonprofit organization of 120+ Catholic colleges and universities. It can be searched by academic program, campus setting, enrollment size, and location. (   


Options for Non-Catholic Colleges


If a Catholic college is not a possibility, there are plenty of colleges that have Catholic Newman Centers where students can meet fellow Catholic college students and learn about the faith. There are over 2400 Newman Centers in the US. (  


You can find more advice on choosing a college in our article on Discerning the Best College Fit.

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