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Schoology Assessments
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Throughout the school year, your teacher may administer quizzes, tests, or even regular homework through the "Assessment" feature in Schoology. Assessments are represented by the purple icon Below:  


Note: Some of the assessment features in this article are optional based on the teacher’s decision.  This means that different assessments will have different features, depending on how the teacher has decided to set it up.


Assessment Overview

The assessment icon will be accompanied by the assessment title and due date.




Once you have clicked on the assessments it will show your current grade (if you have already taken the assessment), the number of attempts you have left, and a Start New Attempt button, which will allow you to begin the assessment.



Assessments may be set with different options by your teacher. Features you may (or may not) encounter during an assessment are are listed below.


  • Multiple assessment attempts: The number of assessment attempts the teacher has allowed is listed on the assessment's home page (as shown in the image above).
  • Allotted time for assessment completion: If your assessment is timed, you will see a timer to the bottom right side of the browser window once you begin the assessment.
  • Question formats:  The assessment will consist of one or more different types of questions, such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, true or false, etc. 
  • The ability to review your questions before submitting your answers:  You may be allowed to review all of your answers on a review page before submitting your assessment, as outlined in the section below.
  • The ability to see your answers after submitting your answers:  You may be allowed to review your answers (but not make changes) after you submit your assessment, as outlined in the section below.
  • The ability to see your answers after submitting your answers, along with the correct answers:  You may be allowed to see your answers along with the correct answers (showing you which questions you answered incorrectly) after you submit your assessment.  This is outlined in the section below.


Reviewing Questions Before Submitting Answers

Your teacher may allow you to review your answers before submitting your assessment.  If this is the case, you will see a “Review Answers” button once you’ve answered the questions.



The next page will bring up the assessment's questions with the answers that you selected.



Once you’ve reviewed and made any edits to your answers, you can submit them for grading.  Schoology will ask you to confirm the submission.



Reviewing Answers After Submitting an Assessment

Teachers may allow you to review your answers after you’ve submitted an assessment – you will not be able to edit these answers.


Depending on how the teacher has the answer review set up, you may also be able to see your answers compared with the correct answers, showing you which questions you answered incorrectly (if any). To view your assessment submission (with or without the correct answers), open the assessment, then click the “View” link to the right side of the page.



Note: Remember, viewing answers after a assessment is submitted—with correct answers or not—is based on the teacher’s decision; you may not be able to view answers post submission.



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