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Completing a Homeschool Transcript Form
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What is a homeschool transcript?

A homeschool transcript is an official record of a student’s course of study in your homeschool. This document should include courses attempted along with grades and credits earned. Only credit for high school coursework, while not enrolled with Kolbe, should be recorded on a homeschool transcript.


By submitting a homeschool transcript, we can transfer in your student’s credits just like we do from a brick-and-mortar school using their official transcript. We have a template you can use for this. Or, you can make your own signed, official transcript. This transcript acts as the certified record and does not require additional samples to be submitted with it.


If your student earned credits at another school or credit-granting institution, please have a signed, official transcript sent to us at [email protected] to transfer those credits directly into Kolbe Academy from the other course provider. We do not accept report cards or unofficial transcripts for the purpose of credit transfer. Please do not duplicate entries from other schools or from Kolbe Academy on the homeschool transcript you submit to us for transfer purposes.


A fillable transcript file is at the bottom of this article as a courtesy. You are not required to use this form to create your homeschool transcript; you are welcome to submit your own signed, official transcript.


Student Information Section

This section is where the student information is kept.


School Information Section

This is a very important part of the homeschool transcript. The name of the school most commonly would be “(Last Name) Family Homeschool.” This is the school name that will be present on the Kolbe report card and official transcripts that are sent to colleges, for example. Putting the word Homeschool in the title makes it easy for those requesting the transcript to understand where these courses are from. We do not accept the school name “Kolbe Academy” as our courses need to be submitted through sample submissions and with the Grade Submission Form.

School Year and Grade Level

The school year consists of two semesters. It will typically span two calendar years for the fall and spring (ex. 2021-22). Your transcript should include the academic year and the grade level associated with that year (ex. 9 for 9th grade). High school courses taken in 8th grade can receive high school credit on the homeschool transcript in the subject areas of math, science, or foreign language. If you have questions about this, contact your advisor.

Course Title

This will be the title of the course as you want it presented on the transcript. It should be the official title that is professional and concise, as this may be sent to colleges or job references in the future.

  • For example, “Math” would not be a good course title. Something specific like “Algebra 1” is a better fit for this document.
  • "History" or "Theology" are also not ideal course titles. World History or American History would be acceptable for History, as it is important for us to understand which area of history was studied. Likewise, we would like a more detailed course title for Theology. Something like "Catholic Morality" or "Intro to Sacred Scripture" which indicates the area of theology that was studied is preferrable.
  • We discourage including the curriculum in your course title. Do not need to list the curriculum such as “Teaching Textbooks: Algebra 1” or “Saxon Algebra 1.”
  • If your student took a companion lab course include "with Lab" after the main course title. Example: Biology with Lab.

Please note: We are not able to grant honors credit on a homeschool transcript and so the title cannot include “Honors.” If this was an advanced course, you may use the word “Advanced” in place of “Honors.”


Credit Attempted/Credit Earned

Each year-long course should have 1 credit earned. A failed course would receive 0 credits earned. If the course is a one-semester course, it would be .5 credit earned. Non-academic courses such as PE, music, or art that are for one full year still receive 1 credit as well.

Final Grade

This should be the letter grade received for each grade on the report card. This can include ‘+’ or ‘-’ after the letter grade. Only “P” or “F” for pass or fail should be used for non-academic subjects such as PE, music, art, etc. Using a P/F makes it clear that these courses are not included in the GPA calculation.

Total Credits/GPA/Cumulative GPA

By adding the Credit Earned column together you will get the total credits. For GPA you can use our Kolbe scale found on our report card to calculate this or you can leave the GPA portion blank and we can calculate this for you. The Cumulative GPA will be the average GPA over multiple years.


Academic Summary, Attachments, & Signature


Academic Summary

It is not necessary to complete this section, but you can include the average GPA and the total credits attempted and earned. If you are transferring into Kolbe, you should not have a high school diploma yet and so the diploma and graduation questions should remain blank.



If you have a grading scale or other information you would like to attach, you can list it here. For example, if you would like to include the curriculum specifics for each course you could attach a course description list.

Signature Box

This box is very important and should be completed. The parent's signature is required to make this document official. We accept digital signatures. 

You have now completed the document and can email it to [email protected] for your advisor to review and input into the Parent Portal. Your advisor will then send you the updated Kolbe report card and you can review your student’s graduation progress charts in the Parent Portal. We also encourage you to make an appointment with your advisor to go over what other courses are needed to earn a Kolbe diploma.

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