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Completing the K-1 Grade Submission Form and Checklist
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This article walks through submitting a Grade Portfolio for K-1 students. Grade portfolios should be completed at the end of every quarter for homeschool students in grades K-5, and submitted to [email protected] at the end of every quarter or at the end of your student's school year. There is no deadline for submitting grade portfolios. 


Please find all Grade Submission Forms and Checklists here: Each form consists of a front page of the "Grade Submission Form" and the back page of the "Grade Portfolio Submission Checklist".


Completing the K-1 Grade Portfolio Submission Checklist

Record the student and parent names, your address, the student’s grade level, the school year, phone number, address and email address. Be sure to check the corresponding quarter.


Note: Final grade reports will be sent back to the parent's email address as written on the Grade Submission Form.



Check the box that indicates you are submitting the completed Grade Submission Form with grades and that you have signed the Grade Submission Form. If filing the Attendance Record, required only for our families living in California, check the box that indicates that this is included.


When you get to the checklist, check the box next to each subject that you are including samples for.


Kindergarten Example:


First Grade Example: 

Note: Do NOT include course grades on this form.


Completing the K-1 Grade Submission Form

On the left top side of this page, you may choose to provide a brief description of your student's work in music, art, physical education, or another non-academic subject you registered your student in. Descriptions should cover the activity, frequency and duration of the activity, i.e "Student took piano lessons once a week for 60 minutes and practice three times a week for 20 minutes each session."


Note: If you report your students music, art, or physical education grades in the Schoology courses you do not need to include this non-academic information here.


On the left bottom side, you may evaluate your student's fine motor skills and attendance, however it is not required. Feel free to use our suggested grading scale.



On the right side of this page, you will record your student’s grades for the corresponding quarter(s).

Kindergarten Example:


First Grade Example: 

Note: You may use the suggested grading scale provided for overall grades. Non-academic courses, including art, music, and PE, should be assigned a Pass or Fail P/F grade. Please write the final grade for each main subject in the quarter columns as outlined in yellow boxes in the above images. 

Please be sure to sign and date the Grade Submission Form:


Completing the Attendance Record

Record the student’s name and the academic year.



If you are keeping daily attendance records you may check the box each day that corresponds to month and date.



There is a column on the right for recording the number of days in attendance each month, and at the bottom for recording the total days in attendance for the year.



Sign and date the attendance record.



Submitting a K-1 Grade Portfolio

Once you’ve completed the Grade Portfolio Submission Checklist, Grade Submission Form, compiled the necessary samples (one sample of student completed work that is parent graded, per subject, per quarter) and attendance record (required if you live in California and have completed the 4th quarter), you must submit your packet to Kolbe for review. Email all documents to [email protected].


If you need assistance on the grade reporting process, please see the Grade Reporting Guide: K-1.

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