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Online Grade Level Assessments
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What to Expect

The students are assessed by Kolbe's talented grade-level teachers using our classroom platform, Adobe Connect. This meeting is designed to allow families to interact in our classroom platform and trial the student/teacher interaction, while allowing Kolbe to get to know your student earlier in the process. The goal of these assessments is to ensure the student is on grade level and that their schedule is matched with their learning needs and abilities.


There is no need to prepare; your child will simply arrive at their scheduled time with their assessment in hand. The teacher will welcome them to the Kolbe classroom and guide them in their assessment. 


The day before your scheduled assessment appointment, a grade level assessor will reach out to you with the Adobe Connect Room link as well as the PDF assessment for you to print. You will need to have access to a printer and/or scanner, headset, printed assessment, and high-speed internet for your appointment. The assessment cover page will have all needed supplies for your child's grade level meeting.


Adobe Connect Platform

You may enter the room using a browser (Chrome recommended) or by downloading the Adobe Connect application. 


Simply enter as a Guest and enter your full name.



Before the appointment, please be sure to test your microphone with our web conferencing software, Adobe Connect, by using this troubleshooting link. We recommend using a headset and be sure to come prepared with a working webcam! 


If you run into difficulties, please come to and chat live with our support team. 


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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